Eeny, meeny, mighty Tencel

Eeny, meeny, mighty Tencel

Qare begins with mindful choices.

Our research process saw us exploring many different fabrics for the All Day Boxer Shorts, and Tencel fabric always stood out on quality, performance, durability, and environmental impact.

Made entirely from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is soft, light, and breathable, draping with the weight of a premium fabric. The closed-loop fabric production process means that 99% of the compounds are reused, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional cotton or rayon.


Colorful sustainable women's boxer shorts


We sought to mitigate what is often the most environmentally damaging part of clothing manufacturing by choosing a wet processing partner in Los Angeles that uses GOTS-certified dyeing process, observing strict curbs on the use of allergenic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Because of its botanical origins, at its end of life, Tencel biodegrades within 90 days under soil, marine, and aquatic conditions, 100% returning to nature.


Tencel's wood-based fibres is fully biodegradeable
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