Premium boxer shorts for women

Premium boxer shorts for women

Stop stealing your boyfriend's boxer shorts. These are better.

Our All Day Boxer Shorts are made entirely from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees, Tencel is soft, light, and breathable, draping with weight that reflect its premium quality

The All Day Boxer shorts are more comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and eco-friendly


Breathable & moisture-wicking, absorbing up to 20% of moisture in 90% humidity

Ride a bike, go for a jog or play a few rounds of tennis – the boxer short was literally invented as a sporting garment. The breathable, loose fit keeps cool air flowing through your workout.

Tencel's cooling and moisture-wicking qualities are also great to wear for bedtime - we're looking at you, hot sleepers. If sleeping is your sport of choice, this is the perfect pair of shorts for you.

See the collection of boxer shorts here. 

Get your game on with moisture-wicking and breathable boxer shorts. Shown in white.
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