These boxer shorts are made for walking

These boxer shorts are made for walking

Clear your hallway and walk that runway. Boxer shorts are much more versatile than we've been led to believe.  

Imagine rolling out of bed, still basking in pajamas-level comfort while already feeling appropriately dressed for the day

These All Day Shorts are chic for a Zoom call, chic for coffee, chic for a trip to the grocery store, and, oh, so chic for bedtime. Whether you want play dress-up or dress-down, these shorts are ready to go wherever you go.



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At Qare, we are serious about easy and effortless. Being comfortable doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. The relaxed, classic fit is easy to dress-up with a button-up shirt, or dress-down with a hoodie. With a collection of nature-inspired colors, the All Day Boxer Shorts pair well with your existing wardrobe pieces, all day long. Go ahead – mix-and-don't-match. It goes with everything.

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