Meet Qare


At Qare, we believe that the business of tomorrow can be built on conscious choices, and we would like to lead by example to show that a business can create value and richness for its community beyond its profit alone. That's why we have made choices every step of the way that considers the holistic impact of our product and our business.

Care All Ways, Care Always


It starts with high quality, sustainable fabric, made from Eucalyptus trees in an eco-friendly production process.

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The fabric is dyed in Los Angeles, through GOTS certified processes with strict curbs on allergenic and carcinogenic chemicals.

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Garment production supports
ethical, on-shore manufacturing, paying local makers in Los Angeles fair wages.

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Small batch production methods reduce manufacturing waste and results in lower carbon footprint than fast fashion processes.

Packaged in reusable, recyclable brown Kraft envelope, made in Illinois and designed to double as a handy WFH file folder.

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Product returns to the Earth at its end of life, biodegrading within 90 days in soil, aquatic and marine conditions.

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Portion of proceeds from every sale on our website will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

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Boyfriend boxer shorts

Our team set out to design a comfortable and sustainable pair of shorts for women that is stylish, functional, and mindful.

But it all started with borrowed boxers. At first, we thought we were the only ones - borrowing, buying and wearing men's boxer-style shorts, because they are so much more comfortable than most shorts available to women in the market.

This led to a social investigation where we surveyed hundreds friends and strangers to arrive at the simplest revelation – we are not alone. We all just want to feel good and move through our days in more comfort.

While spending a better part of the a year developing these shorts, studying materials, and finding suppliers that aligned with our care code, we also focused on developing the brand's foundations, its values, and mission.

By design, choosing to don on your Qare wear will serve as a reminder to practice care in all the ways that matter to each of us – care for self; care for others; care for the planet.

We value your choice to join us in being more mindful about our habits and look forward to sharing the journey with you.