Qare Commitments

At Qare, we believe the first step to changing the world starts with our choices. That's why we spent almost a year researching materials and factories to ensure we develop processes that consider the eco-system we live in. From our choice of environmentally friendly Tencel to our choice of ethical, on-shore manufacturing partners, we make intentional choices every step of the way to account for the impact of our product and our business.

We invite you to join the Qare family, and come do good with us.

Sustainable material

Environmentally responsible product life cycle

Sourced from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees
99% of fabric manufacturing compounds are reused in the closed-loop production system
GOTS-certified dye limits use of toxic and harmful chemicals
Biodegrades within 90 days under soil, aquatic and marine conditions

Eco-friendly Tencel material made from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees

Made entirely from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees, lyocell Tencel is produced in a closed-loop process turns wood pulp into fibers. This high-efficiency process allows 99% of the production compounds to be reused, causing less waste and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Fully biodegradable lyocell (plant-based) fibers

Unlike polymer fibers, such as polyester, the botanical origins of Tencel means that it is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and promotes decomposition. At its end of life, Tencel biodegrades within 90 days under soil, marine, and aquatic conditions, fully returning to nature.

GOTS-certified wet processing

We sought to mitigate what is often the most environmentally damaging part of clothing manufacturing by choosing a wet processing partner in Los Angeles that uses GOTS-certified dyeing process, observing strict curbs on the use of allergenic and carcinogenic chemicals.

In addition to strictly regulating chemical input into the dyeing process GOTS certification also prohibits the use of dyes that are derived from endangered species.

Made in America

Qare's All Day Shorts are produced by local makers in Los Angeles using small batch methods that generate a lighter carbon footprint than fast fashion processes. Small batch production also gives the factory better control over material use, reducing the amount of waste generated.

With our on-shore production partner, we have the confidence that the manufacturing of our made in America product meets high quality standards and pays workers fair wages.

Low waste packaging

The All Day Shorts packaging takes advantage of the strength and durability of Kraft boards by cleverly designing it to serve dual purpose as a handy file folder. Unbleached Kraft boards are eco-friendly, less chemical-intensive, and biodegrades in just weeks, giving you the full range of choices to reuse, recycle, or even compost. Best of all, these functional packages are also made in America, cutting down on carbon footprint incurred with international shipping.

Giving back

To further our commitment in creating positive change, a portion of every pair of shorts sold on our website will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, helping its mission to protect wildlife and habitats around the world.