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All Day Short by Qare
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Welcome to the New World of Comfort Wear

Our pursuit for raw comfort led us to design an everyday staple that is stylish, functional, and mindful. Crafted by local makers in Los Angeles, USA, from eco-friendly Tencel fabric, these versatile shorts can be dressed up or down to go wherever you go. Meet over Zoom. Grab coffee, Pick up groceries. Sleep in it. Ride a bike. Travel. Go for brunch.

Experience every moment in total comfort.

Soft, smooth, sustainable Tencel fabric.

Fabric made from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees in a closed-loop process, where 99% of the compounds are reused.

Tencel biodegrades within 90 days.

Plays well with your favorite wardrobe pieces.

Dress it up with a blouse for a Zoom meeting, or dress it down with a hoodie to lounge on the counch.

Comfortable, beautiful, all day.

Earthy range of soothing, versatile colors.

Evoking the sky, the ocean, the soil, and plant life, these colors are inspired by nature to pair with the staples you already have.

Mix-and-match, or mix-and-don’t-match.

Protect wildlife and conserve natural habitats.

Qare pledges proceeds of every sale from our online store (coming soon) to support the World Wildlife Fund.

Care all ways. Care always.

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At Qare, we believe that the first step to changing the world starts with our actions. We believe that brands of today should lead by example, and that the businesses of tomorrow can be built on conscious choices by businesses and consumers alike.